Nº69 Lost in Contemplation Variation - Stitched Starcut II

Nº69 Lost in Contemplation Variation - Stitched Starcut II

Nº69 Stitched Starcut II Black White

T-Shirt with embroidered portrait on front and back.


Black with White Stitching

White with Black Stitching

Whte with Red Stitching

Skintone 1 with Black Stitching

Skintone 2 with Black Stitching

Skintone 3 with Black Stitching


100% Cotton



The collection BLESS N°09 Merchandising was cre- ated in 1999 as an answer to the dilemma of persisting press requests for portraits of the designers, even though BLESS clearly communicated since the very beginning their preferation to show products instead of their faces.

22 years later BLESS was invited by Hella Jongerius in the course of her project “Weaverswerkstatt” to weave again their portraits. In the beginning BLESS aimed to create new faces that resembled to their current age, but during the process the designers realized how much the commonly shared last 20 years have influenced and merged their personalities. Therefore they came up with the question of what their grown-up daughters could look like today.

Their name result from their day of creation: Sonntag Bless was born on Sunday, the 16th of June
and Dienstag Bless on tuesday, the 18th of June in the Weaverswerkstatt of the Lafayette Anticipation Space in Paris.

214,00 € tax incl.