Nº26 Cable Jewellery - Multiplug White Elastic

Nº26 Cable Jewellery - Multiplug White Elastic

Nº26 Multiplug White Elastic

Decorated three socket multiplug power cord, with European plug head

The indispensable electronic connections, extensions, adapters, multiple plugs, mobilephone chargers and others are no longer hidden but highlighted/ appreciated as glamorous / decorative tangle of connection.

Most of todays indispensable electronic products (such as computers, mobilephone chargers, telephones, printers, stereos, tvs, etc...) still have to be plugged in to provide the necessary electricity. The cables that connect the item with the source represent mostly an annoying interference factor and are therefore often tried to be hidden away.

The Bless N°26 Cable Jewellery is designed to transform these undesired appendixes into desirable objects.

From a large scale of different styles, reaching from crystal stones, pearls and bangle busters over wooden cubes and lace braids to fur and sand toppings, the client can bring his/her own cable and order from the provided styles the one that fits his/her environment.

White multiplug power cord decorated with elastic macrame.

White cord with Pink and Yellow Elastic.

156,00 € tax incl.