BLESS N°29 Wallscapes

BLESS N°29 Wallscapes

BLESS N°29 Wallscapes


Inspired by and developed for the exhibition BLESS fits every style at the Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam.
The BLESS Wallscapes are documents of interiors where BLESS products live or used to live.


The format of the posters are in general 3X4 m, delivered in nine stripes with a width of 44,5 cm.


Please email for more information or check BLESS website to download the catalogue.


Wallscape orders are manufactured on order and cannot be refunded.


The wallscapes N°34 has different measurements and restricted usage.

34A and 34B: 300 x 450 cm

34C: 300 x 430 cm

669,00 € tax incl.